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Helping you drive and thrive through the twists and turns of life.

This process of driving and thriving through change follows six steps.  These steps are like those used in organizational strategic planning.  However, each step is infused with the principles of authenticity, balance and clarity which are rarely found in planning for organizations.

Step One: Defining Your Authentic Purpose -  During this first step, you will be challenged to contemplate and claim the purpose for which you were put on this earth.  Your mission is a clear statement of the purpose for your life – the value, imprint, and contribution you will make to the world while you are fortunate enough to have breath in your lungs.  Why were you given life?  To what end?  These are the questions you will examine in depth during this step. 

Step Two:  Establishing a Balanced Vision – The work in this step is about visualizing a future for your life that may be greater than you have been challenged for your life before.  Many of us have been conditioned to doubt our capabilities and to plan small.  Here we will challenge any preconceived ideas and any negative messages we have gotten from others.  This is about establishing a bold, creative, and promising picture of your best life.  This visioning process will challenge you to think holistically about your vision for the future for every aspect of your personal and professional life.

Step Three:  Clarifying Your Values – Most people feel confident that they know what their personal values are.  Yet, many struggle with living in a way that is congruent with those values.  This step is about being deliberate and clear about the principles that will guide the steps in your life.  This stage of the planning program will engage you in defining the standard for living that must be front and center for your life to be fulfilled.  

Step Four: Setting Clear and Balanced Goals – Goal development is about defining what you want to accomplish to achieve your vision, and realize your mission.   In this step of the program, you will create goals that reflect your authentic self, work toward balance in your life, and provide you with clarity of your next steps.  Aligned with your vision, the goal setting process engages you in defining what you want to accomplish in each of the major areas of your life: physical, financial, spiritual, social, and professional.

Step Five:  Creating Targeted Objectives and Tactics– To achieve the goals you define in step four, you will get more specific about the actions that will lead you to accomplish those goals.  Objectives are time-based, measurable actions that you need to take to get where you want to go.  During this step we will put together a more specific timeline for the actions that will make the most difference in your life and identify the resources you will need to get it done.  Here you will define how you will establish the discipline to align your day to day behaviors with your goals and be accountable for getting it done. 

Step Six:  Discipline and Accountability – Step six is where authenticity, balance, clarity, and discipline will converge in your daily life.   Discipline to move beyond dreaming of a new future – and live it completely.  This program is built on achieving results so this step is the most important and will engage you to be accountable to yourself.  It provides you with techniques to track and report your progress.  If you are a member of our Building Blocks Network, we will work with you to implement your plan and give you an accountability mechanism that won’t let you just leave it on the shelf.