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The guardrails - Keeping you on the road to success

​​​​This process will engage you in developing a customized strategy to living a full and enriching life - to find your purpose and pursue it - to plan for calculated risks and develop a roadmap to be your best every day.   As a tool to support your personal strategic planning process, it is based on four key guideposts:

A is for Authenticity – Living authentically is being free to be the real you.  It is agreement between your core values and the actions you take.  It is the freedom to be who you are at your core and honor your identity while succeeding in a diverse society.  Many of us are pressured, or even rewarded, to live in a way that makes others most comfortable; even if it is at the expense of our own purpose.  Many people are unsure of what their purpose in life is, making it difficult to live authentically.  This first block will help you find, or affirm, your central identity and purpose in this world.

B is about Balance – Living in balance is having the right proportions of time and energy invested in the various aspects of your life.  It is easy to become deeply drawn into our careers, perhaps at the expense of our family life.  We might be putting more energy into others than we are into ourselves. The foundation of balance allows us to put things into their proper position.  Your professional, social, financial, physical, and spiritual dimensions do not need to always be equally weighted, yet finding the right balance across these dimensions is key. 

Crepresents Clarity – Living with clarity is having the vision, focus, and insight to engage in, and pursue, those things that are the right fit for you.  Clarity occurs when your passion, interests, and strengths come together with your purpose.  When change happens to us, it is difficult to be clear about where we should go.  But having a solid plan in place allows us to pivot to new ways of living out our purpose.  Clarity of that purpose is central to maintaining authenticity and balance and staying on the right track, especially when there are bumps in the road.  Ultimately, having clarity is knowing what you want in life, an idea of how you will claim it, and an openness to hear new directions from your Creator as they emerge. 

D is for Discipline – Managing day to day habits to align with your goals requires an extraordinary amount of discipline.  It is one thing to have a vision and goals you want to achieve.  It is quite another to stop doing things that are distracting or destructive to achieving those goals.  Success can quickly be undermined by the little things that are familiar and comfortable to us.  Daily behaviors and practices – how you spend your time – must be aligned with what you want to accomplish if you are to be successful.  Discipline allows you to stick to your plan, and be accountable for living the life that you really want to live.