About Our Founder

Dr. Sonia Alvarez-Robinson has more than 25 years of experience as a specialist in personal and professional effectiveness.  She has focused on helping individuals and organizations with strategy development and implementation, managing change, improving performance, assessing and enhancing competencies, communication and collaboration, and diversity and inclusion. 

She has served as a consultant to corporations, high
er education, healthcare organizations, and public agencies.  Sonia is a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems, earned an MA in Human Development focused on talent development and an MA in Human and Organizational Systems concentrated in high performance in complex organizations. She earned a BA with concentration in Human Resource Management.

Her personal experiences overcoming challenges of domestic abuse, homelessness, job loss, and widowhood have given her tremendous insight to the power of driving and thriving through change.  She brings emphathy, compassion, diligence, and resilience to help others grow and strengthen through the difficulties of life.  

Building Blocks for a Full and Enriching Life

Helping you drive and thrive through change

Our History and Philosophy

Two Swans Encounters was established in 2001 when Sonia Alvarez-Robinson and Scott Robinson decided to turn their passion into a venture that would help people pursue their best lives. 

The Swan is a symbol of searching, discovering, and claiming your true self.  Building on the tale of The Ugly Duckling, the swan represents realization of one’s own worth, direction, and capabilities.  Many people have felt out of balance, unclear about what direction they should take, and not sure they can be their true selves and be successful. 

Scott and Sonia had both experienced life circumstances that challenged them.  Together, they resolved to use their own triumphs over adversity to take others on a journey to find their best lives.  After his death in 2013, Sonia resolved to continue advancing their vision by creating the Building Blocks program.  

The program is designed to help you expand your wings and reach higher levels.  With authenticity, balance, clarity, and discipline, there is no limit to how high you can soar!