​Life Shift, LLC was created to help people build resilience, find strength through adversity, and define new pathways for their future.  The founder and lead coach, Dr. Alvarez-Robinson, specializes in helping people navigate change in any part of their life.  Her work transforms their fear, uncertainty and doubt into confidence, clarity, and commitment to a newly defined future.   

“My goal is to help people own their shift – to find and fulfill their purpose, to set and achieve their vision, and to have a solid game plan to get there.  I have lived through a variety of shifts in life and can appreciate the challenges associated with figuring out, “What Next?”. 

– Sonia Alvarez-Robinson, founder, Life Shift​

​Life Shift, LLC

Helping you drive and thrive through the twists and turns of life.

About Our Founder

  For nearly 30 years, Dr. Sonia Alvarez-Robinson has been helping people in organizations navigate change.  Coaching people in government, corporate, and non-profit environments, she has helped them to thrive through a variety of personal and professional challenges.

 Sonia is a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems, earned an MA in Human Development and an MA in Human and Organizational Systems concentrated in high performance in complex organizations. She earned a BA with concentration in Human Resource Management.

  Her personal experiences overcoming challenges of domestic abuse, homelessness, job loss, and widowhood have given her tremendous insight to the power of driving and thriving through change.  She brings empathy, compassion, diligence, and resilience to help others grow and strengthen through the difficulties of life.